Reflective Literature Review

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Reflective Journal Unit 2
Having successfully completed the unit 2 activities, I discovered that in the article titled Teaching the Art and craft of giving and receiving feedback by Patricia L. Harms and Deborah Britt Roebuck, that the objective of strength-based feedback is vital to both leaders and managers. The strength-based feedback mechanism is the deliberate emphasis on strengths of an individual for improved productivity and as a leader and a manager, assisting employees to explore more of their strength to achieve results on a daily basis will definitely lead to enhanced performance and intellectual growth of my staff which will automatically lead to retention of employees.
The motivation of staff for excellent jobs accomplished is a vital component in a workplace. Managers need to develop the habit of motivating subordinates and this could take the form of commendation letters, open recognition, recommendation for promotion or by planning a Staff Task Delivery Bonus Scheme that will compensate employees when jobs are completed on time. These inspiring methods are very vital in any organization as employees will commit their skill to get results at every opportunity hence the overall success of organizational vision will be achieved. Self-reflection and shaping of employees behaviour are values derived from strength-based feedback as it gives employees the opportunity to think on best practices and ways to improve their strength and enable them to behave within the

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