Reform In The Juvenile Justice System

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The juvenile justice system in America has seen many trends in the incarceration of youth. Initially, the system was created to help children who were left abandoned, neglected or abused. However, with the demands of stronger juvenile laws, the correctional facilities have become more of a prison, than of a rehabilitation center. Unlike the adult justice system, the arrested minors often go through a series of steps such as intake, determination of jurisdiction, adjudication and disposition. Today, with the rise of juvenile crimes, more than a million minors are set into the juvenile justice system for even the smallest of crimes. In that regard, many of these minors are being arrested for running away from home, truancy, ungovernability, liquor offenses, etc. These minors are plagued by juvenile records which prevent them from living a life that does not include more criminal activity. …show more content…

Although there are many different arguments as to why the juvenile system needs reform, the biggest issue surrounding the courts is their lack of finding out what is causing the minors to act out in such

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