Religion: Mengzian Confucianism

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Mengzian Confucianism is a Religion There are several definitions of religion but there is a meeting point among all these definitions. The meeting point is that religion deals with the patterns of behavior among people and thus tries to affect the behavior of people in relation to the values that religion provides. Religion must thereby involve the instilment of values among people whereby the people then use these values to try and live up to certain standards. The more one is involved with or follows religion, the more that he or she can be said to be religious. Religion thereby affects the way of life of a person by providing a certain guideline or route through which one should live. Religion serves as a guide for people within society and it is safe to say that without religion, the society would descend into anarchy. Everyone would want to live according to the way that he or she sees fit which would most likely put the lives of other persons in danger. It is for this reason that religion is considered an even more powerful form of society control than even the government. Religion performs a bigger role than the government in that it makes people fearful of living contrary to the religious values provided since they know that the punishment that this attracts is even bigger than perhaps what the government may do in terms of punishment. Although religions such as Islam, Hindu and Christianity are well recognized and appreciated world wide as forms of religion, there

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