Research Paper On Overfishing

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Overfishing may help people to get food, but what of the future? The sea has a lot of fish but It is bound to run out of fish to feed humankind or and other living things. Overfishing has been around from 1970 to now. Then some of the fish are high priced that people want them more so the fish that they are becoming increasingly extinct. According to Roney, “calculating that forage fish generate nearly $17,000,000,000 per year in reported catch--$5,600,000,000 for the small fish themselves and $11,300,000,000 in landings of the fish that eat them.” That is how much Roney think all this fish will go for. The following chart shows which fish are overfished the most. According to Severns chart this is how many fish are overfished. There are over …show more content…

In the world 's coral reefs! There, fish and coral turn ocean waters into a sea of colors. But scientists are worried about the number of threats facing these unique habitats. That 's why they made 2008 the International Year of the Reef. This year, scientists are making extra efforts to teach people about coral reefs and what threatens them. Why are experts concerned? Coral reefs are delicate. Overfishing and pollution can harm them. They can also be affected by changes in water temperature caused by occurrences like global warming. What Are Reefs? Tiny animals called coral polyps, or corals, create coral reefs. They produce a rock-like substance that forms a hard exoskeleton, or outside skeleton. Millions of polyps doing this over time create huge reefs. Polyps are among the ocean 's most fragile creatures. The slightest touch by an object--like an anchor--can hurt or kill them. Also, the animals grow only in clean tropical water that 's between 68°F and 82°F. A change in the water 's temperature or chemical makeup can be deadly for polyps. Experts say that putting a stop to things that are harming coral reefs is a must. But they are also looking into ways to regrow them. Recently, scientists started raising coral polyps. They plan to put these polyps on struggling coral reefs. That 's good news for the reefs and all the living things that depend …show more content…

A new project called the Catlin Seaview Survey could help. It 's capturing detailed, 360-degree images of reefs all over the planet. The photos will let researchers create a scientific record of reefs ' conditions right now. That data will serve as a basis for comparison over time. As the years go by, scientists can see how much more coral is lost or, hopefully, growing back. Normally, documenting a coral reef 's health is slow work. Divers have to take a lot of pictures. Analyzing a single image can take half an hour. To speed up the process, Catlin Seaview Survey divers use a special underwater camera called SVII. It takes pictures in three directions at the same time. Next, a computer program scans the images. The program is similar to the facial-recognition technology used by the Central Intelligence Agency to spot criminals in pictures of crowds. The reef software quickly identifies the type of animal life in the photos and

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