Response To Aids In Australia Essay

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The AIDS epidemic began in the 1980’s and the effects of it were seen all around the globe. Each country led their own unique approach to preventing and curing AIDS, and some strategies worked better than others. The Australian response to AIDS can be considered world leading due to their multifaceted approach against the disease. Australia was successful in educating all people while simultaneously researching ways to cure the disease. Australia made a concerted effort to fight the both the physical disease itself, as well as the social stigma associated with it. Australia’s response to AIDS differed from other countries because rather than immediately blaming groups, such as gay people and drug users, Australia attempted to educate these groups to prevent the further spread of AIDS. Australia made an attempt to not ostracise these people from local communities, and did not make rash decisions. For example, gay people were not banned from traveling in and out of the country, and …show more content…

In order to combat the disease, Australia worked to find a possible cure while also controlling and containing AIDS from spreading. Like other countries, Australia sought after a cure, but when it became clear that a cure was a long way off, Australia tried some unconventional methods. They did things like offer the exchanging of needles for drug users, promoting gay sex with condoms, and tracking the spread of the disease through local clinics. These programs all did not fit under what Paul Sendziuk described as “traditional public health measures” that were being used by other countries. People in Australia had the ability to disclose their medical condition to a professional and get treatment and advice, without having to suffer the backlash seen in other

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