Response To Conflict: Anne Frank And Malala Yousafzai

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How to best respond to conflict

There have been many horrible events on the Earth that people had to write, practice beliefs, and stay positive in. World War 2 was one of these times, and the Taliban taking over Pakistan is the second. There are many more events, but these events have been written down by two girls who lived through either World War 2 or terrorist taking over her hometown. Their names are Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai. Living in Nazi concentration camps or under the power of terrorist took a lot of strength, along with a happy and positive attitude. To help them mentally and even physically they had to write, practice beliefs, and stay positive.

To begin, these two girls would not be able to stay happy just like that. They wrote. The author of mental health america said “People who spend time writing about difficult events had better health and less depression. Malala was a girl who wrote on the internet, stories of the terrible things she saw and knew, with a fake name, so that nobody would know that it was her. Anne Frank wrote in a diary, almost everyday talking about how her life was, living through World War 2. Anne Frank got her diary on her birthday. When her family and friends hid in a n attic from the Nazis she wrote in it. One day, a while before they went to the attic she wrote “Added to this misery there is another, but of a more personal nature, nd it pales in comparison to all of the suffering I just told you about. Still, I can’t help

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