Revolutions In Spartan Society

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A major problem with Spartan society was the use of slaves. The Spartans suffered consistent revolts from the helots. Helots were the people of Messenia that were enslaved after the Spartans conquered Messenia. Sparta sustained by itself using helots to farm the vast resourceful and rich farm land the state controlled. Helots provided the economic needs for Sparta, while its citizens engaged in military service. The Spartans used brutal methods to repress any helot rebellion. The Spartans collapsed as a major power state after losing the battle against the Thebans in the Battle of Leuctra. The weakened Spartan army no longer had the power repress the helot from revolting. The Spartans contributed significantly to women’s right. The Spartans granted women greater rights than other Greek cities at the time. Women were allowed to own land, manage farms, and participate in business activities. As a result, women in Sparta were literate and had economic power. The Spartans assisted with the idea that women should have the same rights as men. …show more content…

North Korea closely resembles the Spartan society in which the state has isolated itself from the rest of the world. In addition, the state is only concern in building its army and developing military weapons. The country is suffering from lack of resources due to difficulty in self-sustaining itself. The citizens of North Korea, comparable to the helots, are suffering at the hands of its ruler. As the Spartans were successful for only a short period of time, North Korea may share the same fate as the

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