Rhetorical Analysis Of The Amanda Todd Story '

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Michelle Dean, the author of “ The Amanda Todd Story”(2012), wrote this article to highlight and inform readers about the case of 15 year old Amanda Todd, who was cyber bullied online and ultimately hung herself in her bedroom closet. The author uses pathos and logos in order to reach an audience who might feel trapped and reclused like Amanda might have. The author ultimately informs the reader, so that they can seek help. Michelle Dean starts off by giving Todd’s background(logos), where she it describes her as “ostracized”, or closed off from society. It was said that she was being followed around on the internet by a man from the Netherlands. Initially, she did flash him on the internet and he did take a picture of her breasts. The article says that “ He had asked her to put on another show for him, but she refused.”, and as his response, he sent out photos to her classmates. The author clearly shows a tone of disgust and sympathy and she continues on to say that “ she attempted a few times before finally succeeding, last week.” The facts themselves, according to the author is “ devastating.” No one should have to go through such persecution, and the author made sure to include the facts, not only to highlight Amanda…show more content…
She informs us of Todd’s tragic passing in hopes of highlighting the effects of cyberbullying. Dean’s message mostly reaches out to those who may feel like Todd before she passed, and might considering following through with suicide.Document A is a prime example of cyber-bullying effecting a family. Amanda Todd’s mother has to deal with the fact that her daughter was violated and exploited by a young man who tormented heer Cyber bullying is preventable and can be stopped. Everyone can prevent cyber bullying at SCHS. It can be a safe zone and everyone can come to school ready to learn and not afraid of the internet’s harsh
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