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In the article by Hass and Flower they discuss how important rhetorical reading is in the way we construct meaning. I agree with them I believe it is important to have a better understanding of what you are reading. While I am someone who is guilty of just getting through a reading to paraphrase I do sometimes struggle with reading between the lines. Something Hass and Flower mentioned that I feel is important in this article is how reading is connected with the way we write. Hass and Flower go on to say that experienced readers understand both reading and writing are context-rich, situational, constructive acts and many students see reading and writing as information exchange.(Pg426)Therefore I think something that should be looked at would be how reading is connected with the way we write which …show more content…

Haas and Flowers also say that reading should be thought of as a constructive process in which the reader will have a better understanding of what they are reading and how to view it. I agree that as the process of reading should be more constructive and rhetorical because it generates and improves the way we think and learn. When I am able to understand or am interested in what I am reading versus what I remember what I read, it allows me to be a better writer. Based on Haas and Flowers research many students use different construction strategies which does not always lead to rhetorical thinking. If students are directed into a more realistic way of deciphering what they read it could also make them a better writer. What these authors are saying is the best way to get past the (knowing-telling) and (knowing-getting) when reading is by using and teaching rhetorical reading as an important element in a larger process of critical

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