Rivalry Between The Corps Of Engineers And The Bureau Of Reclamation

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The two agencies that were involved with the construction of the water projects were the Army of Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. The development of many waterways was highly important for the main exports of the U.S food and crops. The reason why the Crop of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation began to build more water projects was due to the growing country. For the growth of the country it needed to have more hydroelectric power and irrigation. This created a conflict between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Corp of Engineers because both ended up competing for the water projects that needed to be done. The water projects were designed to improve the United States water issues. The two-organization created a rivalry between them two. …show more content…

There was the discussion of the Devil’s canyon dam, which the Bureau of Reclamation intended to build and then there was Rampart Dam the project of the Corps of Engineers. Both dams made no sense to build and it would only cause more problems for the place. There was an idea behind why the Rampart dam should be built and it was so Alaska can turn into an industrial subcontinent. The problem with the rampart dam was that it would’ve caused an ecological disaster such as flood the Yukon Flats. At the end, the Rampart Dam did come close to be built, but Floyd Dominy put an end to the project. Later Dominy did speak about the Rampart dam and made sure that the idea of the dam stayed buried. Both the organization did everything they could to prevent one another from building new dams in their place. At the end, there were all miserable projects for both organizations as it only would’ve brought problems instead of

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