Robert Frost Alienation Quotes

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It’s a storm one captures, a feeling that time does not constrict, a friend no one can see or hear but you. A being that you wish would stop tapping you on your shoulder. So that you may have a day where you are not sitting in the middle of a seesaw of unstableness. Every human experience this, as if it is a right of passage. A part of our DNA one must unlock at least once in their lifetime. There will be days you pass other ships and sail side by side for some time but, one will go left and the other right to hit his own whirlwind. Alienation from the world it comes with our existences package.

Frost portrays this feeling in his characters as a battle against an indifferent universe. His characters feel as if nothing in this world cares about you, or what happens to you. So in return humans feel
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The husband longs for a companion so that he won’t be alone. Yet he leaves his wife alone for hours only to come back late in the evening because he ‘preferred the out-to the indoor night.’ The husband is scared the wife may leave him. He is scared that she will one day not be able to handle the loneliness. So he fuels her fears which only fuels his secrets keeping them isolated and locked in the house yet wanting to in the outside world. The last two lines ‘They learned to leave the house door wide. Until they had lit the lamp inside.’ I assume allude’s to Frost and his wife’s life at least a piece of it. Frost and his wife had children, as parents a common thing one may say to their child is "My door will always be open to you." Yet, Frost and his wife had to be truthful with themselves and realize no children would be finding refuge in their humble home. Same way the couple Frost created, they kept the door open acknowledging things could come into their house till they realized it never would. Because once the light is lit you can see everything for what it truly
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