Role Of Women In Islam

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Introduction “In Islam both male and female are granted equal reward and equal punishment in front of the Almighty Allah and the law, and thus, there are no differences in their duties and rights.” – Islamic Thought and Culture, chapter 7, page 147. The world has often debated the status of women in the society. Many cultures have varied opinions on the matter. Some think women are less than men in the society, some say they hold a higher status in the society, and some say they stand as equals. People have also debated the status of women in religion, with often the same result. Here I will talk about the status of women in Islam. Status of women before religion Before Islam, women had no real rights. They were equated to objects or property. It was believed that they held no rights to inheritance of their husbands or fathers because it was only held by those who had martial abilities. So instead, women were treated as the property that could be inherited by someone after the passing of their fathers or husbands. Men could have as many wives as they liked since there were no laws or systems in place, and women had no right or choice in who they wanted to marry, and if a woman was divorced by her husband, she had no right to remarry anyone else.…show more content…
At a certain point in time girls were buried alive for this very reason. Amongst other things forbidden to women, was the right to perform certain basic tasks, such as eating certain food which was only meant for men. Misconceptions about Women in
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