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Role Transition Assignment. What is a nurse leader? That is the first question that I am supposed to answer. And when I first look at this question one might assume you need to look up this definition in a dictionary or even google. But I believe the answer lies within each person who answers this question and I hope you find that each answer is similar but very different. A nurse leader to me is someone who goes over and beyond their call of duty. Who does not only do the job that they were assigned to do that day but who also helps her fellow nurses. A nurse leader should be someone that others can come to when they need help and a nurse leader should also be humble and will also reach out when they need help. A nurse leader shows compassion, …show more content…

One of those being heart conditions and the other one being safety. The quality improvement tools that I beard witness to during my role transition was like anything I have ever seen before. And maybe that’s because I am a new nurse or maybe that is because I never paid attention before. One of the first things that I was a part of was a program that the facility started, along with a few board doctors. This program is called heart2home. The residents that are being admitted will go through a standard BLC (Baptist life communities) Heart Failure Standard Protocol. The protocol is a series of standards that are performed for each client to get a better picture of each person as an individual rather than another patient with heart failure. During one of the meetings that I was able to sit in, I listened in on a discussion about how to stop treating the disease and start treating the individual. Everyone may have the same heart condition but everyone has different baselines, comorbidities, different weights, different ages, and different extracurricular activities. extracurricular activities is defined as, smoking, drinking, eating habits etc. So, to be able to look at this and get a mental image of what I’m trying to say is this. If you know all the signs and symptoms and manifestations of heart failure, but you don’t know the patients baselines or medical history, how will you know if they are having a manifestation, sign or symptom, or if this is just normal for them? And that’s what Heart2home is all about. It is about treating the patient and not the

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