Rolls-Roy Holdings Plc Swot Analysis

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Principles of Marketing
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Rolls-Royce Holdings plc

Instructor Name: Volkan Yeniaras
Student Name: Saud Al-Rashed

1.1 Introduction: Brief Background
Rolls-Royce Holdings plc. is a British multinational public holding company that with subsidiary companies, manufacture and distribute aircraft engines and other industries, Rolls-Royce’s HQ based in city of Westminster, London. The company founded in 1906 as Rolls-Royce Limited by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, it’s been nationalized on 1971 and renamed to Rolls-Royce plc. on 1978. Rolls-Royce considered the second largest Company that produce aircraft engines after GE (General Electric), an US based company.
1.2 Product Examination: Aircraft Engines
The company
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Initially was focusing on military engines, but in these days they are focusing more on producing engines for Commercial airplanes; because in the 21st century they made a huge contract with Boeing and Airbus to become one of their main engine suppliers alongside with their competitors GE (General Electric) and P&W (Pratt & Whitney). They even made a bigger contract with Qatar airways and Emirates, these commercial airlines own an exclusive airplane for Either Airbus or Boeing and Rolls-Royce are the only company that supplies their aircrafts with engines. The company expanded more and more and became partners with several companies that involves in nuclear energy, power systems, they even made contracts with the Ministry of…show more content…
Chapter 3
3.1 External Marketing Environment
Rolls-Royce begun their carrier as military suppliers and eventually start Expanding to civilized products such as cars, and they even start producing more variety of engines for many types of needs from air to land to even water, such as navy ships, submarines, yachts or boats.
In these Factors we can’t really say much about it, because Rolls Royce targeting few and specific companies that mass produce many things such as Airbus, Boeing, Cessna or the Military of Defense in any ally country, so they are relaying mostly on wealthy companies and targeting specific type of needs, another issue is Rolls-Royce owns more than one company and not every company are accepted in the world, for example the Rolls-Royce plc. won’t be found in the middle east region unlike Rolls-Royce motors.
The company is based in UK, so there is much freedom enough if talking about legal issues or Governments law, as been said before that Rolls-Royce plc. Targets companies not individuals, so it doesn’t target specific groups as lifestyle or some type of attitude, it many and formally focused on any company that needs an engine to run its

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