Ronald Reagan Achievements

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Ronald Reagan won the presidential election of 1981 carrying 44 states along with 43,903,230 votes and an electoral vote of 489. Many people would agree that Ronald Reagan was one of the world 's greatest leaders in recorded history. Reagan achieved a plethora of great accomplishments along his presidential term and helped many people in America and around the world. President Reagan is easily one of the best world leaders in history because he was a powerful leader through tough times. Ronald Reagan was one of the most influential world leaders in history. Reagan was known to have an amazing personality and persuade people into following him. Reagan had an amazing ability to speak to people and have them agree with what things he was doing with the country. Reagan was also known for being a man who would always tend to take bold and risky actions that were often successful. Reagan 's actions showed how great of a commander and chief he was. One of Reagan 's biggest achievements was him giving America its biggest tax break and making the greatest change in the economy in presidential history. Reagan began working on improving and fixing the economy right after we was put into office because he knew how important of an obligation it was to fulfil. Reagan increased spending on national …show more content…

President Ronald Reagan had provided arms to anti communist groups and would sell arms to foreign allies like Iran, Taiwan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. This helped our allies with their defence and educated them with the conflicts communists created for the world. Ronald Reagan also reduced the war on drugs and made specific penalties for offenders. Ronald Reagan was a man who was against drugs and cared about his community so he was serious when it came to taking care of drugs in the streets. Ronald Reagan was a huge supporter of NASA. He funded the association for many years. Reagan showed his was a curiosity on what the U.S. people were capable of achieving in space

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