Roosevelt's Changes In America

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The United States changes during Roosevelt’s presidency by unemployment rate, entertainment, and Technology. Roosevelt was the president during the Great Depression which took place from around 1930 to 1940. Roosevelt served 3 full terms and had died in his fourth he was president from 1933-1945. America was a horrible place when FDR had entered but, when he had died it was a whole new place. America was a place where the rich kept getting richer and the poor getting poorer, If you had lost your job it was nearly impossible to find another one. In 1933 nearly 25% of people did not have a job but by the year 1945 it was around 2%. Roosevelt had created numerous organizations to supply America with Jobs. Some of these Organizations were the T.V.A., the FDIC, and the NRA. People would travel far and wide to search for a job no matter the cost. People like the Okies would travel all the way across America in search of a job and life. …show more content…

Movies started to use the theme of escapism to make people think they could leave their own life. An example of escapism is the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. People could turn on their radios to listen to radios shows. One of the most common radio shows was “ The Little Orphan Annie”. The most listened type of music in 1933 was swing music but, in 1945 people listened to jazz music. The most popular song in 1933 was “after all, you 're my after” but in 1945 it was, “Sentimental

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