Rosa Parks: An Important Part Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Rosa Parks was born on Feb.4,1913 in Tuskegee,Ala. Rosa parks was one important part of the civil rights movement. She wanted for all black people to be treated the same as white people.

She went to a Alabama State teachers college. Rosa parks was called the mother of the civil rights movement.

In 1955 she was told by a bus driver to give up her seat for a white man. Rosa did not get up so she was put in jail. She moved to Detroit,Mich,in 1957. In 1932 rosa married Raymond Parks,a barber.

She remained in the NAACP and other groups.

In 1987 she cofounded an institute to help young people. She worked in the office of Michigan congressman John Conyers. Rosa did not like the way the black people were getting treated. There was an autobiography

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