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Russia is from the Latin word Russ which means «the people of Russ». The capital of Russia is Moscow. Russia is the largest area in the world; it is about 1,8 times larger than the United States. The country is located at the center of the Eurasian plate. It is a centripetal force because there is stability. The ice age began 20,000 years ago. Winter in Russia is long and hard. Siberia is located far east, is a flat and hostile part of Russia. The place experiences extreme cold winter. Western Russia’s weather is more temperate. The city called Yakuts has the lowest temperature in the country. The Caucasus Mountains are located in the south-west of the country. The Ural Mountains in Russia serves as the physical separation between Asia and…show more content…
The communist denounced capitalism and religion. Joseph Stalin came to power in 1924. He purged enemies of the communist system. Prisoners were deported to Siberia or send to gulags that were prisons in multiples part of the country. The Russian’s economy was close off from the global economy. To compensate their lack of technology, Staline created a five years plan, it was divided into two concepts: collectivization and industrialization. The government-controlled very industry and distributed the wealth among the population which created famine and low productivity because there was no incentive to work for the population. Staline decided to unify different ethnics. It was Russification. During World War II, the USSR, Prime minister Churchill and President Roosevelt were allies to combat the Nazis system. After the World War II, the cold war between the USSR and The United States emerged from 1947 until 1991. In 1985, to increase the country’s economy, two concepts were created by President Gorbachev: glasnost and perestroika. To fight against communism and the power of the URSS, European countries and The United States created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in

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