Reflection On Culture And Society

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Culture and Society

The culture that I am identifying is Rwandan culture as I am Rwandan. The main things that makes me part of this culture is that I speak Kinyarwanda, and this help me to interact with people from my culture. According to Knoji (2015), language is taken as one main component of every culture. Another thing that makes me part of this culture is that I believe that a girl should not sit down while a family house is not well cleaned. In Rwandan culture it is known that a girl should not wait for her brothers to clear the house. She should be the one to do all domestic activities of the whole family. Another thing that makes me part of my culture is the use of different culture materials. One of those materials is gourd which is use to keep milk and make butter. Another material is “icyansi” which is made in wood. It is also used to keep milk. Basket handcraft also makes me part of this culture as it is used to keep food like
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Some of them are tight on greeting, gestures, gender issues and eye contact. According to Culture Cross ( 2014), one of those norms is a strong energetic handshake as a greeting between two Rwandans. This is a sign of respect. When a man fails to do so, it means that he does not respect others. When it is the case of a family or a friend, for women, a hug is made. Another norm is that Rwandans avoid telling the truth if they think that it will affect negatively the person they are speaking to. Another norm is that, when two people in Rwandan culture are discussing, a space or distance in between is kept. What is more is that indirect are eye contact is mainly used. A very continuous eye contact is taken as an aggressive. To point on people is not formal because this is reserved for dog. In Rwandan culture, friendship is mostly valued because every Rwandan is expected to great every person he or she finds in the cross (Culture Cross,

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