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Families are willing to sacrifice anything for each other. Or at least the Kinsella family is willing to! Sacrifice is a primary theme in Shoeless Joe. An example of sacrifice on global terms might be how poor parents sacrifice their dinner so that their children can eat. While there are many themes in the book Shoeless Joe, some of the themes include family, and sacrifice. “Now I stand ready to cut into the cornfield, to chisel away a piece of our livelihood to use as dream currency, and Annie says, ‘Oh, love, if it makes you happy you should do it.’” (Kinsella 5). This quote occurs when Ray is about to cut into their land and begin to build the field. Annie is recognizing how important the baseball field is to Ray, and explaining to him that she’s willing to sacrifice their land. Another theme in this book is family. While Ray randomly embarks on a quest to find J.D. Salinger, Annie quietly …show more content…

This was the biggest sacrifice in the book. J.D. sacrificed making money in order to have a more peaceful life. The definition of sacrifice is “the act of giving something up that you want to keep in order to get or do something else to help someone”. The White Sox sacrificed their reputation so they could make money during the Black Sox Scandal. Another major example of sacrifice in Shoeless Joe would be Moonlight Graham sacrificing baseball to save Karin. When he saves Karin, he becomes Doc Graham. Every family sacrifices things for each other. Recently, my whole family had to sacrifice their time for my dad. He had shoulder surgery, and can’t even move it for eight weeks. My step-mom has to drive all three of us kids to sports and activities. That’s only one example of sacrifice in the my life. For some people, it’s more drastic. If they are too deep in poverty, parents have to skip a meal to feed their kids. They have to sacrifice their

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