Safety Security Research Paper

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Jones T1., Ruby Priscilla A2., Julie Ruth E3.,

Faculty 1, 2, 3 Department of Mathematics,
Sarah Tucker College (Autonomous), Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, India

ABSTRACT: This abstract aims at giving an overview of implementing safety and security services in vehicular systems of today and future development. In today's emerging world, technologies are booming at every place to nourish our humanity. There has been enormous advancement in automobile technologies over past and still to come. However accidents are still happening around us. Due to lack of traffic control facilities, violation of rules and carelessness while driving has led to increased fatal rates. The paper aims at providing
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Due to this rapid increase of vehicles on roads, the probability of accidents is rising steeply. Majority of the accidents caused today due to the driver drowsiness , about 40% of the accidents occurred due to drunken driving which is becoming a major cause of accidents on Indian roads. Due to this there is a need of an effective system which stops the drivers with drowsiness, alcohol and pot holes to get on the roads and also to alert the drivers when they are near accident prone sites. A security system is essential as the number of theft increases every…show more content…
2.1 Driver Drowsiness Detection System The innovations in the automobile industry over the last hundred years have made our vehicles more powerful, easier to drive and control safer more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Majority of the accidents caused today by cars are mainly due to the driver fatigue. Driving for a long period of time causes excessive fatigue and tiredness which in turn makes the driver sleepy or loose awareness.
Driver Drowsiness is a huge traffic safety problem and is widely believed to be one of the largest contributors to fatalities and severe injuries in traffic today, either as a direct cause of falling asleep at the wheel or as a contributing factor in lowering the attention and reaction time of a driver in critical situations. Accidents with commercial heavy vehicles are not only dangerous but also very costly and the counteraction of driver Drowsiness is highly important for improvement of road safety.
The main focus in the Driver Drowsiness has been to define a fatigue risk management (FRM) program for commercial road transports. Specific efforts have been put in developing concepts for scheduling, driver coaching and back-office tools as well as potential improvements and new solutions for a detection and warning

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