Safeway Mission Statement

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The company’s website that I chose to analyze, in lieu of their mission statement, is Safeway Inc. A little background: This company was essentially founded in 1915 by M.B. Skaggs, who bought a grocery store from his father. By 1926, Skaggs had become very successful with his stores and merged with Safeway to become Safeway, Inc. In January 2015, AB Acquisition LLC (parent company of Albertson’s) merged with Safeway to create one of the largest food and drug retailers in the country – over 2,200 stores in 33 states, specifically with Safeway stores in 19 states (Safeway Inc., 2008-2016). The area in which I live (central Texas, US) has Randalls grocery stores that are part of the Safeway brand, and I have shopped at these stores numerous times. This allows me to provide some personal insight into analyzing the company’s mission statement and determining whether it is reflected by their website, which I will discuss later in this essay.
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On the sidebar of Safeway’s “About Us” page, there are related links that offer further information about careers, investing in the company, affiliates and a charitable program that the company pioneered. There is also a link for “Supplier Diversity”, which I followed, and it offers a statement that the company encourages suppliers of diverse ownership and backgrounds to do business with them (Safeway Inc., 2008-2016). The importance of that seemingly insignificant area of Safeway’s website supports the part of their mission statement about offering their customers the products they want. The second part of their mission statement – great customer service – is hard to gauge by their website alone, other than the fact that every section of their website offers good information regarding available coupons/savings, pharmacy & nutrition, recipes & meals, grocery delivery, and

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