Santa Fe College Case Study

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Good Afternoon Mike,

I was told to contact you regarding Santa Fe College transferring in credits that I obtained for ACE credits. After speaking to Mary Thames in Health Services Department as well as Jackie (lead transcript evaluator) I was informed this morning that the college will not accept my credits because they were not obtained from a regionally accredited college. I am so incredibly saddened and disappointed with this news. It 's truly like ripping the floor right out from underneath me. Everything I have worked so hard for was truly just taken away from me in an instant.

Here are my concerns:

1. About three months ago I was in Santa Fe speaking with an evaluator and was assured not only once, but twice that these credits were acceptable and would be guaranteed to transfer in. If it had not been for this professional advice (in which I assumed I was getting)
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After speaking with Jackie this morning she told me that the Health Services Department won 't take any credits because it is an AS degree versus an AA degree and that if I wanted to look towards an AA degree an exception could potentially be made in transferring the ACE credits in. Now I am even more confused because I would attribute the college, transferring these courses because they feel they are comparable to the courses Santa Fe has to offer, however, they won 't transfer in for a degree in Science??? The courses are the same I would take at Santa Fe regardless if I was going towards an AS degree or an AA degree. Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab, Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab, Microbiology with Lab, and Nutrition. Can you see my confusion? Most of these courses are even offered online just as my courses were, except for some labs and proctored quizzes/exams which was the same format the ACE courses were in. In fact, it would seem logical that teaching yourself (which is what I have done) compared to being instructed would seem more challenging and require
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