Sarah And Juan Rhetorical Analysis

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Companies persuade viewers to buy their goods or believe in what they want us to through rhetorical strategies. Whether by cold hard facts, logical reasoning, or an emotional story, companies rely on rhetorical strategies to persuade viewers to want their product. When presenting consumers with rhetoric for persuasion means, there must also be a framework in how to present these strategies. In the commercial “The Story of Sarah & Juan” by Extra Gum, the company tries to relate to American consumers by telling a story through narration that involves the rhetorical strategies of doxa and pathos in an attempt for us to connect to their product. This ad, The Story Sarah & Juan, starts with a boy named Juan looking across the courtyard of his…show more content…
The next rhetorical strategy is Pathos. According to Carroll, pathos appeals to our emotions. Pathos acts as a manipulates emotions and comes across as overly sentimental when being used to persuade its viewers. Pathos, typically used in commercials, persuades an audience in a short amount of time due to its effectiveness of holding emotional interest better than an intellectual appeal (53-54). The commercial “The story of Sarah & Juan” uses pathos for the reason that people can relate to falling in love. Love characterized with: a positive, easily relatable to, and genuinely desirable emotion to most people. The commercial showed real life scenarios of high school sweethearts falling in love. The commercial followed Sarah and Juan from the first time they met to the time Juan proposed. Extra attempted to pull the viewers heart strings to make the commercial memorable. The song “Can’t help falling in love” by Haley Reinhart played amid the commercial. The song itself could appeal to people’s emotions. These elements of the story between Sarah and Juan create an obvious emotional connection due to pathos
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