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vThere are many problems in schools to day .some schools are concerned of children wandering the halls when they are needed in class. Other schools are facing the problem of students being disrespectful to teachers. Also other school worried about children with disabilities and how to help them. One of the biggest problems schools have is deciding when to give kids school off. Some people think that kids should just have the big summer Break and small holiday breaks. Other people think that there breaks should be spread evenly through the year and kids should go to school year-round. Kids should go to school year-round because students brains need a break , teachers need to spend time with their family, and students can take a fun class with …show more content…

For example from the story (The Benefits of Year Round Education) “Intersession classes in the year-round model can provide education in art ,music ,hobbies ,and sports,many of which can no longer be offered during the regular school year because of the focus on math ,english ,and science , those subjects typically tested by federal mandates.” When students are on one of their breaks from school they will be able to take an enrichment class. These classes are kind of like the fun summer school classes kids get to take for the traditional school calendar. A lot of students have to focus only on their core classes during school and do not get a chance to take elective classes like art or music .It is good for students to take these more fun classes because it help them interested in school. It is obvious that kids should go to school year-round because they will be able to take fun enrichment classes during their breaks. The third reason why kids should go to school year-round is because teachers need time with their family . For example from the article (The Benefits of Year Round Education) it

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