Secrets Lies And Alibis Chapter Summary

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Secrets Lies and Alibis is an intriguing book in which Patricia H. Rushford takes the reader through solving the murder of Megan Tyson. In the process of finding Megan’s killer, another man is murdered by who is thought to be the same man. Rushford’s gruesome detail in the murder scenes is what keeps the reader so captivated throughout the book. Secrets Lies and Alibis is a good book full of interesting characters, a realistic plot, and vivid descriptions.
All of the characters in this book are interesting. Throughout this book the reader gets to see Mac Mcallister grow as a detective, and in his faith. Mac realizes that he cannot rely on his own instincts to solve this murder. After seeking guidance from a godly friend and praying, he sees clearly and pins the murderer. The first murder victim is Megan, the reader only gets to see her for a brief moment in the beginning of the book, as the book opens with her murder, but in this brief period the reader is drawn to appreciate her character and is almost relieved when she is put out of her misery. The man who found Megan’s body after the killer disposed of it is Preston Collins. He found the body on his farm in pieces accompanied by his dog, Hobo. Along the search for Megan’s killer another murder victim is found. His name is Gordon Reed. It …show more content…

Some readers may consider the gory details quality parts of the book, while others may not enjoy it. The way the bodies were found and the way the detectives talked about the case made it a realistic plot. Another realistic aspect was that the reader never knew anything more than the detectives did, this made it feel real because if it were a true story the reader would only know what the detectives did. The reader can relate to him in that his reactions seemed so human, seemed so much like the way that the reader may act in that

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