Selective Process Model Essay

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Selective Processes Theory provides the steps in the formulation of the message of the media or program as perceived by the audience. The effects that the film has left to the respondents, according to this theory is largely influence by the way they select what to see and hear, or to give their attention to. This could give an overview on perception of the students to the film which would help answer the first objective of this study.

The two routes of persuasion in Elaboration Likelihood Model guided the researchers in understanding the effects of the film to the students. This theory has presented us the two routes - central and peripheral - that determine the process of persuasion that occur on the audience. Applying this, the researchers expect that there will be varied opinions from the audience depending on the effects of the film to them. The
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This theory acknowledges that the audience are active. Thus, a meaning is formed through the active participation of the audience regarding the message. This active participation leads to the formation of action or behavior on the part of the audience. Perception, as it follows, depends on the interpretive process of the audience. The movie may have presented a particular message such as love for the country, and the history of the Philippines, but the end message would still depend on how will the audience see and view the movie. Audience’s perception is not only limited to the interpretive process of the audience but it is influenced as well by external factors such as the culture and tradition in the community and the interaction among members of the group. This theory recognizes the differences in the perspective of each person through the premises presented in the theoretical framework. Through this, a behavior and action is made by the audience who were able to watch the
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