Serial Killers: A Fictional Narrative

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It was 12:00 at night and Lauren was finishing up her Algebra homework when she heard footsteps in her bedroom. She just assumed she was hearing things because she was so tired. She finished up her homework and went to bed. She opened the window before she got into bed. She woke up the next morning and just felt like something was wrong. She went into the kitchen and turned on the news, like she does every morning. She poured herself some cereal and sat at the island watching the news. Suddenly, the regular morning forecast was interrupted by breaking news. There was a serial killer in San Bernardino, where she lived.
“Lauren, are you okay?” Her best friend Meredith asked. “Yeah i’m fine.” She said and then walked off to her next class. …show more content…

Lauren jerked up. Had she slept past her alarm she wondered. She hurried and got ready and got in her car. She was just driving to school like any other day when she thought she saw something in her rearview mirror. She just kept driving and suddenly she heard shuffling in her back seat and before she could think much of it a hand went over her mouth and a deep voice said “Turn left, right here or else!” She turned left and then the voice now had a face. He had fair skin and dark hair. He told her to pull into a parking lot and park. She did as he asked and then he opened the back door. At this point she was panicking and could not think straight. He got into the passenger street and pointed a gun at her and said, “Let me drive or you 'll be gone, you hear me?” she got out and switched him sides. They drove for what seemed like hours when they finally ended up at an abandoned gas station. He didn 't negotiate with her at all. He pulled the trigger and that was that. The school called Lauren 's mom to tell her that she wasn 't at school. Her mom was so confused and called Lauren several times. There was no answer. She started panicking and thinking of things that could have happened to her. She walked into her bedroom and the first thing she noticed was the window was open. Then she had an incoming call from the police station. She picked up and they told her they had found her daughter’s body. It all began because somebody left the

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