Short Story Of Tigerman And The Cotton-Candy Attack

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Tigerman and the Cotton-candy Attack It was cold and rainy at 10:00 a.m. in London, England. Tigerman had just woke upon hearing on the news radio that there was a cotton-candy monster attacking the city. Tigerman knew he had to save his fellow citizens, so he got ready for action. When Tigerman came to fight the cotton-candy monster, Tigerman saw the monster already attacking the city and it did a lot of damage. Tigerman couldn’t fight the monster, so he called Lionboy to come help defeat the monster, and they started attacking the monster. It was really tough trying to defeat the monster. They kept trying and trying, but they couldn’t do it because it was huge. Tigerman and Lionboy had to retreat, leaving the monster attacking the city with more and more damage every minute. Tigerman and…show more content…
He thought that if he would take all of the kids in London to the monster, and tell them to eat the monster, it would die. After all, it was a cotton-candy monster, and kids like cotton candy. So Tigerman and Lionboy went all over London, telling each and every kid, “Don’t eat your lunch, we have a big surprise for you at twelve o’clock.” At twelve o’clock, all the kids came to the centre of town where the monster was. Tigerman and Lionboy told the kids to eat the monster while they would distract it. Two minutes later, Tigerman and Lionboy were distracting the monster, and then all of the kids came, and they were eating the monster piece by piece, and in an hour or so, the monster was gone. Tigerman, Lionboy, the kids, and the whole city were celebrating after the cotton-candy monster was defeated, and London was finally free from the monster. It was 2:00 p.m., and the people of London were rebuilding what the monster had destroyed, and the kids were back at school with no monster. After that, Lionboy left and Tigerman went back to his hideout, hearing on the news radio: “London has been saved by our two heroes, Tigerman and

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