Why Crime Calls So Much Trouble Analysis

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Why Crime Calls So Much Trouble Crime goes in-depth with not only discussing crime, but carefully depicting and deciphering crimes or been committed across the United States. These authors demonstrate the significance of the crime, why crimes are committed and what kind of justice is acted out with certain crimes. The reason why this topic should be important for readers is because we all know that crime is committed everywhere, so it is very vital that we as people should stop it. Crime has become a big problem in our society which has ways of hurting the community causing more violence. Now more than ever children are not only committing crimes, but they are susceptible to crime as well. Children who are between the ages 12-16 are involved in crime such as stealing and burglary. Children’s that come from families with risk factors are likely to be involved in crimes that are to lead them to jail time or death at the early age. Young children who engage with immature …show more content…

If you don’t have a gun permit or license you shouldn’t be carrying a gun on you. We should all come together as a whole and put the guns down. The constitution of the United States should set a law that only allows police officers and people of the military to carry guns because they have the proper training how to use a gun, and when to use a gun. There are many ways to stop the crime in its tracks. One way to stop the crime is to talk to the police or someone who will listen to anything that is been said. Another reason why you can stop crime from happening is to talk to the kids at the school, and in your community about why is crime is a topic that hinders people to succeed. As far as adults are concerned, they should be more mindful and more responsible of their action. Adults should also be aware of why crime is prevalent, and why crime is

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