Should Animal Testing Be Neutral Essay

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Do Not Be Neutral For as long as I can remember, scientists have used animals in the research and testing of just about everything imaginable. Whether it be for a new cure for a disease, or a new shade of pink lipstick a makeup brand wants to try. Either way, animals are the first choice of experimentees that the scientists get to choose. During these experiments the animals are often fatly injured and generate inaccurate solutions. It does not make sense to use animals for medicine that will be taken by humans, simply because we are different. We do not have the same genetic makeup, and therefore, we should not be trusting these results. We need to discontinue the use of animals in research and introduce safer alternatives that generate more accurate results. First I will explain what type of trials these animals go through, and for what reasons. Next, I will present the alternatives we could use instead of the animals. Then, I will explain my opponent’s side, why they are for animal testing, and why they believe we cannot stop using it anytime soon. I will offer my opinion on how they are incorrect and why. …show more content…

These alternatives have led to some lifesaving discoveries. They have created new medicine and they have saved animals from the liability of being the unfortunate creatures scientists decided to do experiments on that day. It’s unfortunate that more people don’t know about the cruelty they go through every day. We would never dream of testing on a child, yet, it’s okay test on a puppy. Both are innocent beings that can’t help who they are. They didn’t choose to be who they were, they were born that way. It’s up to us to stop standing by and letting this happen. Stop using animals to determine human medicine. We are not the same and their cures do not mean it cures humans too. We need to end this cycle and start using the alternatives offered to us. We have a choice. Animals

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