Should Cell Phone Companies Surrender Records To Authorities In Criminal Investigations?

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If someone had some important evidence on their phone to help solve an investigation wouldn 't someone want the authorities to be able to look at the phone? There have been situations over the past year where authorities may have thought there was some evidence on a phone that would help them solve a case. Some may say if the police will just get the phones they will know the information right away and help criminal activity to drop.
Many people may make an argument to say if the police officers are allowed to look at these phones crimes this still wouldn 't help the criminal investigations. The reason for this is because people don 't like it because it violates privacy. One of the biggest arguments is stereotypes, like in some situations the police may track somebody simply because they were going to an Islamic mosque(Chammah). But this would a …show more content…

Should cell phone companies surrender records to authorities in criminal Investigations? Many people heavily believe cell phone companies should surrender records to authorities in criminal investigations for many reasons. For one it would help solve crimes and investigations easier. For example Lake Station Mayor Keith Soderquist trial was being looked at but as federal attorneys connected various pieces of evidence to tie withdrawals from his campaign fund and the city 's food pantry to dozens of gambling trips by using cell phone records. With cell phone use this can also allow to see the calls made and time of ATM withdrawals.“For instance, one call made on Nov. 21, 2011, was placed in Lake Station five minutes before a withdrawal was made in the city, according to the records(Auch Schultz)”. See with the help of the cell phone records and ATM Withdrawals it helped solve the case with he was convicted of conspiracy to commit second-degree burglary, third-degree larceny and possession of narcotics. These are important because this is an example of ways the cell phone has helped crimes investigations

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