Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Paid There is a long on-going debate on whether college athletes should be paid. There have been many articles, essays, papers, and debates about the issue. I think that college athletes should be paid because as athletes they won’t have enough time in their sports season to get a normal job. Scholarships aren’t as secure and beneficial to the students as they used to be. Athletes should be able to receive a portion of the money that comes from merchandise with their image. Finally, they and are not offered medical or death insurance. Allowing these students to be paid can help benefit their future sports and academic career. During a regular sports season, college athletes are focused on practice and school because of this they don’t have the time to be able to get a regular job to make money of their own. These students often go to colleges and universities that offer them scholarships for sports. The …show more content…

These students are liable to injury at practice and during games. They should have some form of insurance to protect them. If these students were paid, they would have the money to pay for any minor injuries that were inflicted on them from the hours of practice. In an article the Los Angeles Times wrote about the topic of paying college athletes they used the scenario that other students who have jobs on campus’ such as a librarian that if they were to be injured they are covered by workers’ compensation or campus insurance. These student athletes raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for campuses each year through merchandise, games, and any extra luxuries that the sports generate. “In addition to offering basic security for players, requiring the NCAA to insure them might also encourage development of safety measures.” (Times, 575). Either paying athletes or offering them insurance will create less problems for the school when students are

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