Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported Essay

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An estimate of 11.4 million undocumented immigrants is in the United States. These immigrants were just trying to come to the U.S. to get a better life. Now people are trying to get them deported because they were not able to get their citizenship. Is this what 's right, should we make someone leave our country because they weren 't born here. Deporting one single person is costly and time-consuming. It can cost up to $20,000 to deport a single person. For each family you deport you have to pay for a housing, food, and, water. Depending on many different variables it can take up to a month to deport one person. If he/she was in America for more than two years they do not qualify for expedited removal, and it will take longer for that person to get deported. Another factor on how long it can take is the hearing. If …show more content…

Acourding to 2.1 million illigal immigrant have a criminal recored. People say that this make illegal immigrants dangerous. People think that an easy solution for this would be to deport every single illegal immigrant and crime would go down. However deporting every single immigrant would be very costly and would not merely help the crime, according to (yubanet) 65 million Americans have a criminal record. Also deporting 11.4 million immigrant because of crime is not a good idea because only 2.1 million of the illegal immigrant have a criminal record, and some of the crime committed were not violent crimes.
Undocumented immigrants should not be deported. If we would keep them, America would keep gain money from taxes that they pay. If we had a comprehensive immigration reform the annual flow would rise by 2.2 billion dollars. America would also save time and money if they didn’t deport every single illegal immigrants. When they come to this country they are looking for jobs they can do without a green card, which wouldn’t be filled at the cheap prices they are now. Without all this stuff America wouldn’t be what it is

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