Similarities Between The Giver And The Truman Show

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Smile , You're being recorded. The camera is watching your every move. In the movie The Truman Show and in the book The Giver , people are constantly being watched and they don’t even know that they are being watched. The Giver and The Truman Show are different in settings and ideas but , weirdly similar. Symbols , are constantly used in both The Truman Show and The Giver , and in both of them they are the same. In The Giver , the symbol red means/equal love and passion. Another symbol is the sled means/equals freedom. In The Truman Show the color red that the girl was wearing means/equals love and passion. The boat that Truman was escaping on means/equals freedom because , he was trying to leave the “community” and get some freedom in a world that isn’t perfect and everyone has a script to go by. In both of the shows the color red means/equal love and passion. The items they used to escape on …show more content…

In The Giver , Jonas is the main character. In The Truman Show , Truman is the main character. Jonas can see beyond. Jonas as he seeks his training he becomes more curious about things. Jonas knows he’s being watched and recorded. Truman seems kind of lost. As he grows up , he gets the hint of him being recorded/watched. He leaves the “island” and leaves into the “real world”. Both shows have the main character to know that they are being watched and they leave the “community”/”island”. Smile you’re being recorded. The camera is recording your every move. People can be watched and they don’t even know it. My main point is that both of the shows have similar characteristics. My favorite of the two is The Truman Show. I like The Truman Show because , it has a lot of action going on. I also like the story that the movie is telling. Truman had a lot of energy and it always seems like he is always smiling or he has a big grin across his face. I liked how dedicated he is to finding that girl that he likes so

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