Similarities Between The Odyssey And The Most Dangerous Game

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I think that Odysseus, from the “Odyssey”, and Rainsford from “The Most Dangerous Game” both are heroic. They both are not very heroic and make some bad decisions near the start. Odysseus just walked right into a cave at the Trojan War, not seeking the cave out first to see if it was safe. (Homer. page 898-899) Rainsford was not really that heroic at the beginning of the book though. I think that both characters were very brave. At the beginning of the story Odysseus left his home of Ethica to got participate in the Trojan War. (Homer, page 895-897) I also think that Rainsford was very brave because at the beginning Rainsford sailed to an island that many sailors feared. But he went there just to do some hunting. (Connell, Richard. …show more content…

Odysseus is very skilled with a bow and arrow. At the end of the book when Odysseus finally returns to Ethica after being gone for about 15 years, Odysseus takes a bow and arrow and shoots all of the men that were taking advantage of his palace without missing a single arrow. (The Odyssey) Rains ford was a very good hunter, which meant that he was a very good shot with a rifle, there is not specific moment of this happening, it just says in the book that he was a hunter going to hunt at an island, and that he was also a very good hunter. (Connell, Richard. pages …show more content…

Odysseus was very smart and quick witted. When he first arrives at the island and stumbles into the cave with Polyphemus the cyclops. (Homer. Page 898-899) Some of his men got eaten and he and his and his remaining men were trapped in the cave and unable to leave, this was a very dumb move by Odysseus. (Homer. page 903-904) However, he soon found a way to fix it. Odysseus offered the cyclops a bowl of wine that was very concentrated and did not have any water in it. (Homer. page 905-906). Humans did this because without the water it was way too strong. Odysseus gave the cyclops the wine as an apology for breaking into his house, Odysseus hand the cyclops the bowl of wine saying if was from Nobody. The cyclops then drank the bowl of wine and asked for another one. The cyclops drank another one. After he downed several more he was extremely drunk. (Homer. page 905-906) Odysseus used this opportunity to spear him in the eye, blinding them. Odysseus and his men then hid under really thick sheep. The blinded cyclops then began to yell for help saying, ‘Nobody blinded me”. (Homer. page 907, line 317) This allowed them to escape. (Homer. page 906-908 ) Rains ford was intelligent because at the end of the book when he was hiding in the tree avoiding Zaroff (the man who was hunting him trying to kill him just for fun). Zaroff had let Rainsford off several times without killing him, but this time Zaroff was finally gonna open fire. So Rainsford

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