The Tannenbaum-Schmidt Leadership Theory

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The Comparison:
The theories are pointing out that the leadership within the organisation has a very direct and authoritarian approach in every level of its “modus operandi”. The leadership lacks the necessary career experience to effectively implement key directional decisions that are strongly being imposed by a political agenda (Eniviormental Influences).

According to the Tannenbaum-Schmidt Leadership Continuum, we have a very autocratic manangment that prefers to tell their teams exactly what to do. This theory shows where a manager's approach lies on a continuum and identifies 7 leadership styles. MEPA’s managerial approach is running on the extreme side of the Continiuum where the management is exerting the most rigid authority.
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The strongest score in the “Skills-Based Leadership Theory” has been registered in the “Individual Atrribute” section due to the strong character that the CEO has, whereas lower scores were registered in the competencies and leadership outcomes since this administration lacks the career experience that normally is involved in such positions.When it comes to information sharing, tolerance in mistakes, conflict on different levels and constructive tensions, the management/leadership of the organisation uses different approaches and yard sticks depending on the individual/ entity being involved. Therefore, its business ethics are exercised in a biased way.

One of the major benefits of a skill-based theory of leadership is that it acknowledges that anyone can become a leader. Individuals need only work hard to develop the skills of a good leader to be effective. This is being seen as a threat to some members of the administration. Bright, smart, hard-working employees who try to do a good job often end up getting walked over, trodden on, beaten down. While management that is arrogant, nasty, vindictive types often seems to have a fast-track ticket that allows them to rise straight to the top of the expenses of their
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Decisions are being made without conducting any internal consultation. There is a universal feeling that important and sensitive data is being leaked to some clusters of the public, and people's development is being concentrated on those employees who would eventually act as a political asset within the organisation.With such behaviour by this administration many are envisaging that the organisation is being prepared for a major change as it has been promised in the new government's election manifesto. Leadership Styles

According to Hersey and Blanchard, there are four main leadership styles which are paired against four levels of maturity. This model maps each leadership style for each maturity level and depending on the situation and on the individual. Although we have employees with a high degree of maturity who are able to work on their own. The administration is persisting to tell our employees what to do and how to do it. These are employees that are losing their high confidence and strong skills, and who used to be committed to the
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