Soccer Scholarship Essay

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Soccer has been a huge part of my life to say the least. I began playing competitively at the age of 4, and for years I continued to pursue it. This passion for soccer is ultimately what led me to Northwestern College in the form of a scholarship. For 2 years I played on the men’s program, with my final year being one in which I was a team captain. As a captain I was responsible for assisting in the design and execution of team practices, leading team lifting sessions, and motivating players on and off the field. As a player and a captain I was 100% committed to the team. After the completion of my Freshman year I was selected by my professors to tutor general biology along with general chemistry. I was honored to be hand chosen by my professors …show more content…

It was in these moments where I had to prioritize multiple obligations. In order to succeed in my classes, I found myself spending late nights in the library after tutoring working on my own coursework. This meant cutting out extra activities such as going to movies with friends, or attending other sporting events around campus. At first the decision was difficult, but with the ultimate goal of one day attending an osteopathic medical school, I was able to persevere. Through cutting out frivolous activities, I was able to maintain my GPA, and continue working as a tutor, on top of leading our soccer team to one of its most successful seasons in school history. This would continue into my Junior year where I decided to end my 16-year soccer career in order to take a position as a student leader in the college’s Future Physician Club (FPC), and as a research assistant in our Psychology department. Making the sacrifice was difficult, but it allowed me the opportunity to pursue more endeavors that would one day better me as an osteopathic physician. These new commitments were time consuming, but rewarding, and further provided me the opportunity to prioritize my time in order to

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