Social Blunders In Pride And Prejudice

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Hanwool Sky Lee
British Literature
Mr. Berrios
January 26, 2015
Pride and Prejudice
Discuss the Bennett Family’s behavior during the ball and explain how these would be considered social blunders

Chapter 18 of the novel the Pride and Prejudice, describes the ball held in Netherfield. To catch what has happened in that ball, let us take a look of following statement of Elizabeth, which perfectly shows her despair caused by her family’s behaviors in that ball.
“To Elizabeth it appeared that, had her family made an agreement to expose themselves as much as they could during the evening, it would have been impossible for them to play their parts with more spirit or finer success” (Chapter 18, pg. 62)
From the statement above, we can predict that Bennet’s family has done something that would have Elizabeth feel ashamed. Through this essay, I will clarify what they have done, and furthermore, how would they be considered social blunders.

First, it called everyone’s attention that Mr. Collins was trying to flatter Mr. Darcy. Since he accidently found out that Mr. Darcy was the nephew of Lady Catherin de Bourgh, he insisted that he must go to pay his respect to Mr. Darcy. Even though that was something prodigiously polite and would build bad reputation of him, Mr. Collins didn’t care. When Elizabeth tried to make him understand that that will rather be rude to talk to him without someone else’s introduction, he politely ignored her advice.
“Pardon me for neglecting to profit by
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