Gender Socially Constructed Essay

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The social construction of gender is a theory that is based around the principle that when categorizing an individual in regards to their gender it is primarily determined by people because of factors from the society surrounding them. My definition of the social construction of gender is when sociological factors surrounding an individual are used by and within society to determine and judge their gender characteristics. To answer the question of whether or not gender is a socially constructed idea we need to understand that more research is needed to understand societies impacts on gender as a whole. Without more research the answer is simply yes and no. Society itself is not universal and therefore changes amongst different cultures, races, …show more content…

Even young kids who break these gender rules get harassed and ridiculed. Although there is a lot more diversity in our culture than there was throughout history it is still changing and still reluctant to that change. There has been a lot of change throughout history not just sexuality and gender but race and and ethnicity within our culture, society, and workforce. Gender means a lot in today's society and in the world to an extent. We will always have a way of labeling someone based on their gender identity or sex. There will always be negative and positive outcomes resulting from that label on an individual. For some it is not that much of an issue and for others it is very important. Sociologists are still studying gender because it is hard to study and find conclusive evidence backing a lot of the theories behind gender. Until recently there has not been much research and fact based evidence behind the theory. There has been a lot of resistance to the study and acceptance of gender because it can be a very personal subject. I can say this because up until now i personally have never seen a class such as gender being offered on the college curriculum

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