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Lata comes to such a conclusion despite her friend Malati’s provocation to think again. Malati represents the modern of the Hindu youth in India. She is flamboyant and oppressed to arranged and opposed to arranged marriages. She also at first disapproves of Pran at his wedding to Savita, but later changes her opinion because of his good character and the way he and Savita have learned to love one another. Seth uses Malati as a kind of foreshadow of the future of Indian attitudes toward relationships and marriage. Lata, when she sees her sister Savita and her brother-in-law Pran fighting for life in the hospital and in such a crisis her family stood behind them, she then and there decides that she would marry Haresh Khanna. She felt that her family would support her only if she accepts their choice of a husband. In this context Anita Desai’s comment stated in the article Social Milieu in Vikram Seth’s Novel A Suitable Boy by Aradhana Mukherjee (2015) as such:
Although, in their rash youth, they (Lata and Mann) might be tempted by the
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The reason? The very idea of ‘love marriage’. It’s not that people in India are traditional, biased or highly prejudiced to neglect the idea of marrying of one’s own choice. However, how can they allow one to do it, when they know the concept of ‘Arranged marriage’ has drastic benefits against its competitor? Indians are way better calculator and they know arranged marriage is always a better deal. First and fore most, marriages arranged by parents and families are not all based on the whims of the young couple. The young raging harmones have no role to play here. So there is no impulsive marriages and thereby no dreadful divorces. This is the main reason, why
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