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For this assignment, I received the opportunity to interview a clinical social worker. Jeny Thomas, LMSW and she works at Lifeline Center for Child Development, which is located in Queens. Ms. Thomas received her MSW from NYU Silver School of Social Work The purpose, history, and mission of the agency The Lifeline Center for Child Development P23Q is a school age program. It is a non-profit day treatment center for children who are mentally or emotionally disturbed. The students that attend this treatment center are students that cannot attend a regular school setting. The program is established to provide clinical, therapeutic, and educational services to children who experience psychiatric disorders and or are on the autism spectrum. …show more content…

The program in which she is a part of serve students until the age of 18 years old, or until they are ready to be referred to a less restrictive setting and attend a regular educational program. The target client system is the students, but help is given to parents of those children as well. Ms. Thomas, herself meets with parents and keeps in contact with them. She offers resources and other assistances that they need in order to better care for their child. Ways in which the organization interfaces with the …show more content…

Ms. Thomas stated that the interdisciplinary team works together to create treatment plans for the students. They also conduct treatment plan reviews every three months for the students in the program. The social workers monitor their progress in achieving goals. She was not aware of how the effectiveness is measured, but she assumed that it may be through student graduation rates and students who are being referred to less restrictive settings. The organization is funded through state grants. The sponsor or parent agency is the New York State Board of Education. Obstacles to providing treatment to the targeted

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