Sociological Theories In The Medical Profession

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Sociology Theories in Medical Profession Medical professionals are experts who deal with illness in the healthcare facilities. The professionals play a vital role in ensuring that the community gets access to a high standard of medical services. Some of the critical services that the health care practitioner 's offer includes delivery of healthcare services to people, promote health; prevent diseases as well as promoting health in the society. According to the millennium development goals, all health sectors should ensure that the society reaches a state of disease-free, by facilitating quality healthcare services. The healthcare professionals should incorporate sociology concepts to relate human studies with a health professional. The sociological perspectives of the roles of health perspectives lie in the functionalist and the Marxist view that illustrates social and economic perspective of people in the society. Functionalist and Marxism Functionalist view argues that the society is similar to the body of human being. In this case, different structures develop and are dependent on each other. The view further argues that the society is more important than institutions and thus social institutions exist in order to create a social order in the society. Functionalist social perspective declares that medical professionals perform their duties to complete their roles in the society. According to Talcott Parsons, the definition of health is the person’s ability to complete
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