Software Quality Assurance Research Paper

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Improvement in Software Quality Assurance
Malika Khalil
Department of Computer Sciences
Virtual University, Lahore Pakistan

Abstract: -
Quality is a useful factor in Software companies/Industry. Software quality depend upon the Customer satisfaction which can be achieve through Standard steps. In this era quality is much important due to high customer demands. Developing countries are improving in software industry. Now Pakistan is much improving with software quality and can maintain his standard/ Position/ Rank/ Status in International Market. Building up a new relationship with customer. In Software quality decrease, due to many reasons. This paper will suggest the problem for lacking interest
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They should take some advantages of the seminar arranged by different experts to improve their products knowledge.
Quality design is much necessary in quality improvements activities’ team managers are responsible and accommodate to develop a plan and implement the plan. They are also responsible for the configuration management, quality measurements and quality improvements.
Inspection to finding a problem while maintain the quality was explained. The methodology used for inspection was diving and conquer. But, it is time consuming task, but it is ensuring the problem direction. There is no Team required in testing team and software Engineering.
There are some software engineers who sort out those problems his name is Pranas. He explains rules of inspection and reducing quality problem in SQA.
Firstly, he explains the need of inspection to remove the problem. The diving and conquer methodology is use in it. The research paper also shows that the inspection is a time-consuming process, but it is ensuring to find errors in the
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He explains the need of inspection in SQA to reduce that problem and how it helps to find an error. The main methodology behind this dividing and conquer rule.
This paper also show that this is a time-consuming process but, ensure to find an error in it. There are also of benefit are the finding of this research. He explains that there is no formal need for practice of inspection. A software Engineer does not need a certification for the inspection. As judge mentation, does not need a training so there is no need for a company to invest on it.
So, it must give many benefits despite too much resources of a company.
David explains in his research about the free software quality and its factors affected them. He explains the quality of Free software is much higher in expenses than the other projects. There are many causes behind the better quality are explained in his research and some comprises are one between Free Software and other projects. This software is much high because the open model is used in developing

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