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Sotos Syndrome, Pediatric

Sotos syndrome is a condition that causes a child to grow more quickly than other children. Children are born with this condition. Increased growth starts in the womb and may continue until the child is 4 years old. Your baby may be larger and heavier than other infants at birth and, during childhood, your child may be taller and heavier than other children. Many children with Sotos syndrome also have some delay in mental development.
Growth slows down to normal by the time a child with Sotos syndrome reaches puberty. Most children with Sotos syndrome are similar in size to other children their age by this time. Many children with the condition also eventually catch up in mental development.

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• Mild learning disabilities.
• Impulsive behaviors that are difficult to control.
• Tantrums.
• Overactivity.

Sotos syndrome may be diagnosed soon after birth or later in childhood if developmental delays occur.
Your child’s health care provider may suspect Sotos syndrome from your child’s head size and facial appearance. The health care provider will also do a physical exam. Your child may have tests to rule out other developmental conditions and confirm the diagnosis of Sotos syndrome. These tests include:
• X-rays to check for increased bone growth for your child's age.
• A blood test to look for the NSD1 gene.
If a parent has Sotos syndrome, the condition can be diagnosed in a child before birth by testing womb fluid (amniotic fluid) for the NSD1 gene.

There is no specific treatment for Sotos syndrome. Treatment depends on your child's symptoms and how much they affect your child’s development. You may need to work with a team of health care providers. Treatment may include:
• Special education.
• Speech and language therapy.
• Behavioral therapy.
• Physical therapy.
• Social skills training.


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