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A. According to a statistics done by Anup Shah, the editor of GLOBAL ISSUES, all around the world today, more than 3 billion people, which is nearly half of the earth's population live on less than 2$ and 50 cents a day (Shah, 2013) . According to UNICEF, 22 thousand children die due to poverty related issues every day (Moen, 2010). Today I will be informing you about the topic of poverty around the world.
B. To help you understand the issue of poverty better I will cover a few topics about this worldwide problem that is spreading drastically. You never know if or when this ferocious spell might be cast upon you or someone close to you.
C. Knowing the causes, effects, and solutions of poverty would be a quicker, more efficient
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As stated in TheRichest Magazine, the top 5 places where poverty is highest are: Madagascar (500$ annual income), Liberia (436$ A.I.), Central African Republic (300$ A.I.), Malawi (253$ A.I.), and Congo (236$ A.I.) (Said, 2013).
a. The continent where the most poverty occurs is in Africa. And as you can tell most of these top areas are in that continent. (actually all of the countries listed are in Africa).Transition: After having discussed the causes of poverty, it is essential to highlight the outcomes.
 Transition: After having discussed the causes of poverty, it is essential to highlight the outcomes.

B. All these different areas of poverty lead developing communities to suffer from many issues that can possibly result in death.
1. Some of these issues include hunger, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world today, killing more than HIV AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined (Rafirasme, 2015)
a. The World Food Problem says the poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty.
2. Another issue is thirst, which many people in the world are dying from; as a result of not having access to clean drinking water.
a. Over 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. (Ortega,
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A question is asked: Who becomes affected? Other than individuals becoming affected physically and emotionally, family members and friends of those people are affected too. b. The Society as a whole is thus affected.
 Transition: When bringing forward an issue as delicate and dangerous as poverty, solutions should be brought up.
C. Since poverty is a huge problem in the world today, much action is taking place to help these issues.
1. Many organizations and people in the world today have developed sustainable projects as well as offering to help many poverty related issues that are going on.
a. Organizations such as Growth International Volunteer Excursions, UNICEF, and The Hunger Project are volunteer abroad organizations that help out remote areas that are in need.
b. These organizations perform sustainability projects such as projects using recycled items, building schools, implementing fresh water systems, educational projects that help the people living in poverty to learn English.
2. Also, after these projects are done, these organizations continue funding other incomplete projects.
 Transition: In conclusion there are many projects implemented in the world today to help developing communities with poverty related issues. III-

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