Graduation Speech: Reasearch In The Classroom

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Hello, Prof! Verbatim from what is in my mind when she first entered the class. *She looks like she smells great* The way Ma 'am carries herself you 'll see a self made woman. A woman with dignity and integrity, wit and charity but undeniably intimidating. I believe that the intimidation doesn 't come from a negative impression, It is bred out from respect. We get intimidated because we find her respectable. As to what I have heard from her in the seminar we attended last year, (She was the speaker and she was the one who introduced us to the song "Juice Box" and made us sing "Marvin gaye" at the top of our lungs!) Brilliant. Finding out that Reasearch is the field where she 's good at, I am horrified to accept…show more content…
I do not like our classroom. The ventilation sucks. But because I am trying to be versatile and professional, I will have to be okay with it. Although we 've been assigned to this classroom for a couple or a hundred times before, we 've come to accept it whole heartily. I just can 't deny the fact of how hot the atmosphere is in the classroom. But. Okay. the classroom is just like the other classrooms, no big deal. But no matter how hot our classroom is, I still have respect for it, because it is a locus for learning and this is where teachers-my soon to be profession, perform their jobs and I think I have to be sorry for authentically sharing my gut that "our classroom is hot" because there are children out there in the marginalized area where they have to trek a mile just to go to school, where there are flooded classrooms and no books, not having enough resources…show more content…
I am startled, anxious and terrorized- probably a normal reaction? But I believe that this would be a door of opportunities for us, Special Education Students to actually share and contribute something relevant to this field of profession. Because I failed to utter my expectations to the whole class, I will share my expectations to this post. First. Honestly I am ready to experience mayhem and probably 2-3 hours of sleep and coffee sessions soon. Second. I am hoping that I will gain a lot of knowledge about the proper sequence of conducting a research- a more organized version of course and Last but not the least, I am expecting that this subject would be one of the most unforgettable college experience. Despite the fear I have for this subject and my pessimist reaction to it, I am inspired to look at the bright side. The upper half. The silver linings. That this subject is undeniably exciting, fulfilling and educating. Let us be inspired from this famous quote from Sammuel Johnson "Great works are not performed by strength but by perseverance." IMPRESSIONS TOWARDS MY CLASSMATES We were asked by our Professor in Research to post

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