Spinocerebellar Ataxia Patient Essay

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Dialogue with Spin cerebellar Ataxia Patient
Hong Kong Spinocerebellar Ataxia Association (HKSCAA) was established in in April 2007, it is designed specifically for spinocerebellar ataxia suffers and their families and it is a non-profit, self-help charity. HKSCAA upholds the spirit of mutual help and encourage members strive to live a glorious life.
It is great honor that with the assistance and support of HKSCAA, my teammates and I had an opportunity to interview the spinocerebellar patient, which is aimed at making us learn from educational and practical experiences, and develop the habit of critical reflection as a future health professional.
It took us over 1 hour to get to Tsuen Wan which is the place that the patient lives in. Ms. Cao
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We see that the support of family is so important that it can even replace the treatment to some extent. We know that there still remain plenty of problems that are beyond medical standers. We also become aware of the drawback of the medical system. That is lack of the quality of the treat process.
As is known to all, spinocerebellar ataxia is hard to cure and patients who suffer from this kind of disease will go through enormous pressure. In other words, this disease will affect the patients’ mental and physical health deadly. However the existing medical technology does not work on it well. Therefore, in other words, if nobody really cares about them, this disease will make patients suffer forever, which does not only result in a heavy burden of family but also a burden of society and medical organization.
Is it really able to be cured completely? Professors may say yes. However, after I interview this granny, I can’t agree the opinion of professors this time. Although its physical damage cannot be cured because of the limitation of technology, its mental damage can be cured through some factors. As is mentioned above, the patient finally becomes optimistic and the situation seems to be improved with the support of her

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