BNP Paribass: A Case Study

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In the past decade, the rate of growth in sponsorship has outpaced that of investment in any other form of marketing communication or promotion vehicle. (Crompton, 2004) In the present times, sponsorship, especially the sponsorship of sports, has become more popular and companies invest huge amounts to become sponsors of different events, individual players and teams. (Singh, 2013) Businesses have been increasing their sponsorship budgets, as the general belief is that sponsorship is an effective communication tool. Against advertising, sponsorships seems to be more effective as it is delivered in a more favorable and enjoyable environment which appeals the potential customers. Customers nowadays are becoming more and more suspicious, …show more content…

On the one hand, a deep theoretical approach on the topic will be conducted in order to evaluate what has been written on this issue. The sources for the final paper will be mainly articles belonging to literature such as European Journals, International Journal of Advertising, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Journal of Consumer Research, International Marketing Review, The academy of Management Journal, International Journals of Marketing, Journal of Sport Managemen, among …show more content…

The case study will be made on the BNP Paribas sponsoring the Davis Cup. BNP Paribas has been official sponsor since 2001 (BNP Paribas has sponsored the tennis industry for 40 years). Through interviews to Brand and Communication Department Managers, and access to extensive information, the objective will be: to understand the choice of BNP Paribas to engage in tennis sponsorship knowing that the tennis industry represented in 2013 the 10.56% of the global sport market revenue ; to learn the integration that this sponsorship has in their marketing strategy; how objectives are planned and stated for each year’s sponsorship; and the means of evaluation they have used through the past years.
The choice of this particular case has been made due to the possibility of accessing an extensive amount of information on the website of the Bank, the Davis Cup, and a special website the BNP Paribas has made on the tennis industry (; and the richness that a case of a company with 40 years in the tennis industry and 13 years of sponsoring the same sport event can enlighten in integration and benefits analysis, and the professionalization of such analysis during the

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