Sports Therapy Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement My A-level subjects; Applied Science, P.E and Sociology have made me decide to pursue a career in Sports Therapy as I believe that is the key to improving an individual’s physical health. In my studies, I have learned the anatomy of the body in greater detail such as understanding that our body has various types of levers; fulcrum, resistance, and effort. And the different classes find the amount of force the muscle can produce and the size of these levers are what find the range of movement. Therefore, I am eager to want to deepen my learning more as the practical approach to science has appealed to me, making me want to know how to analyse the body and increase efficiency of an athlete’s fitness. Alongside with PE, I am studying Applied Science. These subjects are very similar in the first AS year, and they complement each other very much. This is because a big part of AS PE is Physiology and Anatomy. I understand that anatomy is the sector of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, and other living organisms. But this would mostly be in relation to humans and their bodily structures, as a sports therapist I would use this knowledge to help improve your client/patients’ physical fitness and health. The physiology side of …show more content…

Being a sports captain in Secondary school has given me the motivation to take on a similar role in university and join as many sports teams as I can to keep me busy outside of my studies. I was able to be an ambassador for PE on my college’s open day, so I would like to take on a similar role of being an ambassador for a university open day. I would also like to take part in as many sporting events as I can, due to my experience leading teams to victory I would like to be a captain of something sports related and organise, prepare and run some events within my place of

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